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I've dedicated my life to helping teach people how to achieve better mobility, better performance and live a more active lifestyle. 

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Features of Foundations of Health in Wellness
This 3-month intensive program helps you gain clarity and prioritize the things that are most important to you regarding your health and well-being. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, live without pain or include all three of those things in your goals, you will learn to build a new mindset, overcome obstacles and formulate a plan to achieve your goals. You will begin to make healthy decisions around nutrition, hydration and exercise, without having to starve yourself or engage in complicated exercise programs using expensive gym equipment.
This program includes 1-1 coaching, member access to educational video clips, handouts, a private Facebook page, and online and training sessions. Below are more details about the program:

 Developing a Clear Goal & Plan
Together we will develop a goal that is attainable within 90 days, and a plan to help you achieve that goal. We will discuss exactly what it is that you want to achieve, and you will be able to take immediate action with specific recommendations that are right for your body. You will learn how to prioritize you, set boundaries and set aside time for yourself to develop new habits that will guide you in the right direction.
Learning the Truth About Nutrition, Herbs and Weight Loss
This program provides information and resources that teach you about the basics about nutrition and herbs so that you can make healthier choices. It starts with a nutritional and herbal supplementation program that supports you through a gentle detox and encourages more efficient digestion. This helps to clear your mind and enlivens your body so that it quickly sheds excess weight, enabling you to begin or resume participating in the activities that you love to do. 
Breaking Down the Myths about Exercise and Fitness
You will learn about many of the fallacies of the health and fitness field and be given tried and true resources to help you achieve your goals. Exercise and movement is easier when you know how to implement a process that is as simple, straightforward and healthy as this program is. When you follow these guidelines, you will achieve your goals without having to shame or injure yourself in the process.
Building New Habits and Staying Focused on the Basics
This program provides you with online and print resources and strategies that help you stay focused. You are encouraged to remove anything that distracts you from staying on track. In order to make your health and wellness a priority - a lifestyle - it is important to understand the habits you have developed, and to begin to change them so that you can achieve your goals. And YES! You can do this in 90 days!
 Gaining Insight into Your Level of Fitness
You will gain insight into your own limitations and abilities and learn how to prepare your body for movement so that you can avoid injuries. You will receive guidelines that are simple and straightforward, and that enable you to develop a safe and effective movement plan that is right for you. You will learn the basics of exercise program development and create your own exercise routines using an easy system that successfully puts clients in control of what is best for them. Once you know these basics, you will have these tools for life.
Goal Planning- Short, Medium and Long Term
The 4 Step Process for Goal Planning and the many other tools and resources you will be given tell you how to implement short- and long-term health and wellness plans that work for you.
Assessing Your Progress
Regular check-ins will give you an opportunity to assess your progress and ensure that you continue to have the tools that you need for success.
Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle
This program prepares you to take everything you learn and create a 12-month plan that you can use moving into the future, to lead a healthy and active life.
The Benefits of Learning this System 
The benefits of our approach is that it teaches you how to live the life that matches your personal goals. Learning this system will allow you to live your life to the fullest!
Training Resources to Support Your Learning
Initial Intake Strategy Call
When you join Foundations of Health and Wellness, you will have an in-depth assessment to prepare you for the program. We will dive deep into health and wellness coaching to help you overcome any possible obstacles you may face during the program. We will then discuss both nutritional and movement assessment and your goals so we can set up a game plan for the next 3 months.
Digital Training to Support Your Learning
You will get instant life time access to our video and training modules. These resources are designed to give you the tools to learn exactly how I have trained my clients to overcome their struggles with making healthier choices, overcome weight loss challenges, gain better strength and live an active and healthy lifestyle!
Monthly Workshops
I believe in helping educate you on the WHY behind Health and Wellness. Our curriculum is taught through on-line training. It is my goal to teach you actionable and easily implementable concepts so you can learn exactly what is right for your body. Whether you are looking to have a better mindset about health and wellness, lose weight, gain strength or live pain free, our training will give you the tools to make healthier life choices.
3 Months of Live Weekly Calls 
Weekly on-line video calls  are designed to help you overcome your struggles and learn to implement what you are learning within a group atmosphere. We dive deep into questions related to mindset and wellness, weight loss struggles, strength and conditioning, self-care and pain management strategies so you can get a well rounded approach to your health and wellness journey. The group training offers the chance to have greater accountability. These calls are recorded so you can review any of the learning lessons from the calls.
Private Facebook Group
The private facebook group is designed to give you another layer of support. This is where you have unlimited access to me during the next 3 months. You get to ask all the questions you need support with. I will provide you with specific, additional support and resources through this group. The group is built of like minded people who are going through this training with you. It is an open, safe and inspiring community meant to help you learn from others.
Our System Works
I'm committed to helping YOU take action to livE A better, healthier and more productive life!

"Kevin has the ability to dig deep, past the surface stuff that is going on. He pulls back the layers to get to what is really standing in your way. He does so with with authenticity and absolute care for moving you forward."

-Anna A.

"Since working with Kevin my blood sugar a1c reading has dropped from 6.7-5.7 and dropping, much better and reliable mobility and strength and a 45 pound weight loss."

-Crit D.
"Kevin has helped me make better choices that are in line with my values and the things that are important to me. The lessons I've learned have stayed with me and I still use them today!"

-Sandra M.

"Kevin's knowledge and passion for helping me reduce the pain in my back and increasing the movement my body needs for the demands of my occupation and athletic hobbies have been very beneficial. Very Grateful that Kevin is in our community."

Chris, Sequim Wa. "
Client of NW Fitness, LLC
Kevin is really good at what he does. He is excellent. I would refer him to anyone with pain issues and have been telling friends and family all about the results we have been getting! I am so thankful in the help he has given me and I am so thankful that I am feeling so much better!"
Margaret, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness, LLC

"From the moment I met Kevin, he has been an inspiration in my life. Kevin is very forward thinking, energetic and is a very compassionate person. Kevin has not only helped me keep my mobility but also helped in my overall health. Kevin is an excellent masseuse and has become a great friend." 

Randy, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness, LLC
"I am so very grateful and thankful for his amazing ability to help me recover and I'm still working with him now. If it was not for him I wouldn't be where I'm at working full-time again and healing amazingly well. Thank you Kevin."

Gail, Sequim Wa. "
Client of NW Fitness, LLC

"Being more fit due to Kevins guidance has turned the clock back. His whole body fitness program is very different than anything I ever learned. It promotes whole body strength and balance in all activities (for me it has been a big help with trail hiking! Kevin is very professional but he's also a lot of fun to work with."

Judy, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness, LLC
"I was always impressed with Kevin's professionalism, knowledge, humor, and compassion. I can tell by his effort to continually learn new concepts, that he has chosen a profession that he loves and is passionate about. I have no reservations to recommending him to other people"
Tracey, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness, LLC
"Kevin has been able to find the root cause of pain on my neck, hip, and shoulder. His technique is like no one I have ever been to before and it really works!''
Ruth, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness,LLC

Kevin’s unique understanding of the muscular-skeletal systems allowed him to open up my very painful “frozen shoulders’. His body work along with helpful training suggestions were more productive than working with a physical therapist. Kevin has helped me work past pain and helped keep my body moving fluidly which allows me to continue dancing with a BIG smile on my face. Have recommended him to ALL my friends who are looking for “result” oriented body work. 

Elizabeth, Sequim Wa. "
Client of NW Fitness,LLC

"Kevin has helped me so much in the short time I've worked with him, and he even created a custom work-out plan for me while I'm in college. I'm so thankful for how much he has helped me and taught me about how to care for myself and work-out correctly."

Natalie, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness, LLC
We've helped thousands of people become healthier and work towards their goals! 
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is this program really about? 
The primary focus is to help you achieve your short and long term goals related to weight loss, nutrition, strength & conditioning, mobility and self-care.

Our program is designed to empower you to make better, healthier choices related to health and wellness.  
What is your speciality?
My coaching style is based on many years of personal and professional training in the following areas:

 *Lifestyle Coaching
*Herbs and Nutrition
*Pain Management and Self-Care
*Strength and Conditioning Training
How do I know I will get results?
Results are based on how much you are invested in changing your habits. In order to be effective, it requires a positive attitude and a committment to the process.

You must be fully engaged and willing to make lifestyle changes so you can start moving better, losing weight, building better confidence and self esteem.
How fast can I expect Results?
All results are dependent on the work you put into the program and the type of training you are interested in learning. 

Most people see positive results and change within the first couple of weeks, although depending on your current lifestyle, results can vary. 

What are common challenges people face regarding health and wellness?

I have observed how overtraining can cause un-needed stress, pain overwhelm and tension to the body. Often times people don't have realistic expectations about their goals and many times are doing too much training or not enough. 

You must have clarity about your goals before you can commit to something long term. One of the biggest mistakes I see is making decisions too quickly and not fully understanding what is required to achieving weight loss, strength, mobility and pain free living, which leads to frustration, injury and the feeling of defeat. 
I realized the biggest obstacle for most people who want to live an active lifestyle is NOT knowing what to do or where to start.....
Are you Ready to implement a proven system to give you the results of living a better and healthier life? 
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