Discover How to Use your talents in business and life to make a bigger impact While serving with more passion!
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 Clarify your purpose and passion, so you can start using your talents to make a bigger impact with the people you serve!
 Define the obstacles that keep you from achieving your greatest life vision so you can start living your life with deeper meaning and purpose.
  Identify the steps and strategies you need to take  so you can finally start achieving your greatest life mission while making a bigger impact in the world!
Here are what others have said About Working with Me
Meet Devin
“Kevin is a gifted coach, full of positive energy and deep insight. Just one session with him was more productive than weeks of conversations with other coaches I’ve met. He helped zero in on mindset issues and blocks that were holding me back from pursuing my goals and dreams. His compassionate, non-nonsense approach enabled me to achieve significant breakthroughs and move forward with confidence.”

 -Devin Singh, PhD, Founder @ Leadership Kinetics and Associate Professor @ Dartmouth
Meet Jeff
"Coaching with Kevin was eye opening and impactful. I've been working with a coach for years and I got some powerful new awarenesses that are already having an impact on my business, relationships, and most importantly me. My heart has expanded and the intimacy with my clients has increased as a result of it."

-Jeff Zacharski, MS, PCC, Mentality Coaching
Meet Willow
"I consider myself extremely blessed to have experienced the light that comes from Kevin Pedrey. His deep commitment to his art--helping powerful people remember their power—is truly unmatched. In just our first session he was able to hold space for me to break through barriers that I have been building for 10 years. 

His deep compassion and contagious enthusiasm have helped to pave the way for my accelerated personal growth. I am honored to call him my coach and confidant."

-Willow D.
Transformational Life Coach

Who is Kevin Pedrey?
Career and Business Coach
Kevin brings 15 years of experience in corporate recruiting, consulting, and coaching. A resident of the Pacific Northwest, he began his career as a recruiter and consultant in the healthcare industry, working with executives and managers in Fortune 500 companies. Kevin then started his journey as an entrepreneur, founding a series of businesses in health and wellness, including fitness, massage, and rehabilitation. He has extensive training in equity-based facilitation and coaching for personal development and transformation. 

Kevin is committed to helping our clients find their purpose and passion so they can achieve their full potential at work and beyond. He helps them identify what drives and energizes them, clarify their life goals, and discover what they need to do so they can quickly up level their impact and effectiveness as leaders. 
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